Control Equipment and Accessories

All Hydra-Brakes® require the following: water at relatively constant pressure, inlet and discharge water control valves, pressure gauges, and temperature measurement of the discharge water. A cradled brake must be provided with load (and speed if not provided elsewhere in the setup) measuring devices. When heat rejection to water is used to measure power absorption, it is necessary to measure accurately the water flow and temperature rise through the brake. Since the accuracy of power measurement is directly dependent upon the accuracy of these readings, instrumentation of high accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility, and proper span is recommended. Packaged control systems, designed in cooperation with standard instrument manufacturers, are available and can be furnished.

All Hydra-Brakes® are manufactured for high durability. Many of our units are still in use after 40 years of service! However, if you should ever need repair or replacement parts, we have a ready supply to get you back online quickly.